Nikelle Khan is a devoted and passionate dancer living an artistic path steeped in rich traditions. Known for her intricate dance fusion worldwide, she brings an otherworldly presence to her teachings and her performances. Since 2002 she has dedicated her life to exploring various ancient Temple dance linages throughout Asia and India and various Shamanic cultures across South America and North Africa where she has had the fortune of studying intensively under many great masters. Continuously inspired by the temple aesthetics, elements of devotion , meditation and prayer she loves the  personal surrender these particular linages offer, unlocking infinite layers and fine-tuning levels of perception through the mind, body and spirit.

Her main focus is upon Taksu and being with subtle intricate movements while exploring hypnotic states within the dance.  The Balinese define Taksu as the moment when the artist completely surrenders to the form of his or her craft, an artistic inspiration needed to truly capture the eyes, minds and hearts of both human and the divine.

She is well-versed in many other dance styles,  some of which include  Tribal Fusion Belly dance, Persian dance, Balinese mask dance, Oriental Belly dance, contemporary, Bollywood and Flamenco. To this day she  continues to travel the world exploring an independent study on ethnology in dance, bridging eastern and western stylisations of dance into her own unique  fusion, while providing a direct experience of these dance cultures to her students and her performances.

Nikelle Khan is also the creative director of Temple of Dance. A school dedicated to bringing people together through dance and cultural exchange,  located in Arambol, North Goa India. 

''The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the human body...The dancer will not belong to any nation but to all of humanity" - ISADORA DUNCAN

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THE DANCE....... 'Lose yourself to remember the deep rhythm within'....

Re-program conditioned behaviours and tap into the freedom of movement that lies within your innate muscle memory. Nikelle is a facilitator of an internal and physical journey though the art of dance, offering a safe environment for her students to express their inner divinity and awaken that which is within.

Learn and be inspired by the aesthetics of Temple postures, gestures, layering, isolations, hand mudras, fancy footwork and dynamic spins. You will learn to match movement to the structure of music and how dance choreography tells a story that will unfold in yourself and others. Throughout each class you will be working very deeply with intricate combinations, suitable for any dancer willing to expand their dance vocabulary.

Nikelle teaches regular classes, workshops, intensives and private lessons.. For more info please email